MLLEDONUT & FRIENDS was designed by Claire (alias MLLEDONUT), with the aim of creating a gallery for local and international artists. It was important to her to give artists a space where they could be proud to showcase their work and ideas. That's why we will be regularly adding information or even testimonials from and about the artists.

Whether they are just passing through, or are regular contributors, the artists are and always will be paid and protected legally. As a graphic designer herself, Claire knows only too well the difficulties encountered by artists of all kinds. When you buy a work of art from you will be supporting the artist as well as the gallery.


We are constantly on the lookout for new artists for our gallery. If you would like to sell your artwork though us, we would be very happy to hear from you. Send us a mail via the contact page with a short presentation and a link to your work. We carefully select the artists in our gallery, not by standards of quality (we would be daft to think we could do that), but by a style and atmosphere that fits with us. Whatever happens, we will always answer your requests and questions.


MLLEDONUT & FRIENDS is a basque company based in Urrugne, in the South West of France, close to the golden beaches and waves loved by surfers worldwide. All the prints are carried out by a local company just a few miles from there. The paper is carefully selected, after several tests, to showcase to perfection the works of art that are entrusted to our care.
We are also careful to reduce our use of any kind of plastics to a minimum. All our paper is from sustainably managed forests and the ink is non-toxic.


Most of the fun illustrations on our site are designed by Hello Mister Frank for the Over app